Performance Management

The challenge agencies face:

Every federal agency and program today faces increasing pressures to be more results-oriented. Driven primarily by the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA), the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010, updates to OMB Circular A-11, as well as several related reforms, these pressures are being applied by OMB, GAO and Congress, as they scrutinize agency efforts to be accountable for results. Failure to act now puts budgets at risk. To meet these demands, agencies must implement a coordinated set of plans, policies and systems that enable managers to truly “manage for results.” This comprehensive approach to promoting accountability is generally referred to as Performance Management.

The experience available:

Often called the “Father of GPRA,” John Mercer has a uniquely insightful understanding of your Performance Management challenges. He proposed and created GPRA as Counsel to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. His inspiration for the legislation was his governmental experience in what OMB has called “the single best example of a comprehensive approach to performance measurement that we have found in the United States.” During his 8 years with the Committee, he was also significantly involved in the development and/or oversight of other management reforms – including the Chief Financial Officers Act, the Government Management Reform Act, the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act, and the Inspector General Act. Mr. Mercer also has extensive experience in helping federal agencies meet various GPRA-related mandates.

Other services offered: