Annual Performance Plans

The challenge agencies face:

Most agencies still need to improve their Annual Performance Plan. GAO critiques often cite continuing weaknesses in the plans in its reports to Congress. Even the better plans can be revised to better support Performance Management. This includes strengthening their linkages to the budget, financial management, information technology, and human resources processes. Some of the goals and strategies may need to be modified to reflect ideas of the new leadership, or simply to increase the plan’s overall effectiveness.

The experience available:

John Mercer is recognized for his skill in developing and improving GPRA plans. He is able to help you anticipate and address GAO audits of plan quality. He will show you the important interrelationship between the Annual Performance Plan and other management reforms, including the Chief Financial Officers Act, the Clinger-Cohen Act, and performance-based budgeting. With his assistance, you will improve your GPRA plan so that it supports these requirements, complies with OMB A-11 guidance, supports compliance with the GPRA Modernization Act, and meets GAO’s evaluation criteria. His most important objective is to ensure that your plan can serve as an effective tool for implementing comprehensive Performance Management.

Other services offered: