Performance-Based Budgeting

The challenge agencies face:

GPRA has always envisioned the complete integration of the Annual Performance Plan with the Budget – what is known as “performance-based budgeting.” This is perhaps the single most powerful tool in implementing true performance management. It isn’t easy to do, but the Administration has clearly indicated that agencies are to work on this type of budget. Agencies also face the additional requirement that they implement managerial cost accounting systems. All of these demands put new pressures on agencies to understand, develop and implement effective program performance budgets -- or else face real risks to their budgets from OMB.

The experience available:

Described in the press as “a foremost expert in performance-based budgeting,” John Mercer is widely recognized for his exceptional understanding of this budgeting system. He knows from extensive first-hand experience how to create and use a governmental Performance Budget to achieve comprehensive Performance Management, and he used that experience in developing GPRA. His techniques will allow you to clearly link every budget dollar to the right program goals, using the specific tasks and activities of your program operations. Mr. Mercer can help you develop and execute a performance budgeting pilot project that will serve as a model for integrating your agency’s budget with its Annual Performance Plan.

Other services offered: